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OPVP July 2019 Newsletter Read more

OPVP July 2019 Newsletter

  •   Welcome Message - President Jonathan Nez and Vice President Myron Lizer
  •   Budget Priorities
  •   FEMA Disaster Declaration Agreement
  •   Support for Youth Centers
  •   The Healthy Diné Nation Act
  •   Support for RECA Amendments
  •   Ensuring a Successful 2020 Census Count
  •   NGS Decommissioning
  •   Navajo Utah Water Rights Settlement Act of 2019
  •   Grazing Permits – Navajo Partitioned Lands
  •   Missing and Murdered Diné Relatives
  •   Protection of the Chaco Landscape
  •   Navajo Nation Veterans Summit
  •   Improving the Medical Needs for the Navajo People
  •   Kayenta Diversion Dam
  •   Working Together for Water Resources
OPVP April 2019 Newsletter Read more

OPVP April 2019 Newsletter

  •   Message from the Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez
  •   Capital Outlay Fund Projects
  •   Clean Renewable Energy Development
  •   Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Awareness Month
  •   Nahata Dziil Shopping Center Grand Opening
  •   New Mexico replaces Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day
  •   Protecting the Greater Chaco Landscape
  •   Newcomb Home Modernization Project
  •   Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act
  •   Navajo Nation Food Policy
  •   2019 Navajo Nation Spelling Bee Champion
  •   Hantavirus Awareness and Prevention
  •   Promoting “Buy Navajo, Buy Local”
  •   Nez-Lizer Administration
OPVP Inaugural Newsletter Read more

OPVP Inaugural Newsletter

  •   Inauguration Day
  •   Advocacy for the Navajo People at the Arizona State Capitol
  •   Proclamation in honor of the late Navajo Code Taker Alfred K. Newman
  •   Meeting with Congressman Tom O’Halleran
  •   President and Vice President call for an end to the government shutdown
  •   Honoring the Life of Milton Bluehouse, Sr.
  •   2019 Navajo Nation Inauguration Picture Highlights
  •   Food Drive Flyer

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  • Fax: (928) 871-4025


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