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One Year Report Read more

One Year Report

President Jonathan Nez and Vice President Myron Lizer are proud to publish their One Year Report from their Administration since taking office on January 15, 2019.

OPVP July 2019 Newsletter Read more

OPVP July 2019 Newsletter

  •   Welcome Message - President Jonathan Nez and Vice President Myron Lizer
  •   Budget Priorities
  •   FEMA Disaster Declaration Agreement
  •   Support for Youth Centers
  •   The Healthy Diné Nation Act
  •   Support for RECA Amendments
  •   Ensuring a Successful 2020 Census Count
  •   NGS Decommissioning
  •   Navajo Utah Water Rights Settlement Act of 2019
  •   Grazing Permits – Navajo Partitioned Lands
  •   Missing and Murdered Diné Relatives
  •   Protection of the Chaco Landscape
  •   Navajo Nation Veterans Summit
  •   Improving the Medical Needs for the Navajo People
  •   Kayenta Diversion Dam
  •   Working Together for Water Resources
OPVP April 2019 Newsletter Read more

OPVP April 2019 Newsletter

  •   Message from the Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez
  •   Capital Outlay Fund Projects
  •   Clean Renewable Energy Development
  •   Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Awareness Month
  •   Nahata Dziil Shopping Center Grand Opening
  •   New Mexico replaces Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day
  •   Protecting the Greater Chaco Landscape
  •   Newcomb Home Modernization Project
  •   Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act
  •   Navajo Nation Food Policy
  •   2019 Navajo Nation Spelling Bee Champion
  •   Hantavirus Awareness and Prevention
  •   Promoting “Buy Navajo, Buy Local”
  •   Nez-Lizer Administration
OPVP Inaugural Newsletter Read more

OPVP Inaugural Newsletter

  •   Inauguration Day
  •   Advocacy for the Navajo People at the Arizona State Capitol
  •   Proclamation in honor of the late Navajo Code Taker Alfred K. Newman
  •   Meeting with Congressman Tom O’Halleran
  •   President and Vice President call for an end to the government shutdown
  •   Honoring the Life of Milton Bluehouse, Sr.
  •   2019 Navajo Nation Inauguration Picture Highlights
  •   Food Drive Flyer

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